To provide events and activities that make our community great, we require over 150 volunteers to ensure these events are a success. Do you have an hour or two to spare? Do you have skills or experience to share? Please send an email to volunteer@rrroca.org for Board and Lead position. If you are interested to be an ice rink volunteer, please email to volunteerlead@rrroca.org.

You can also sign up to volunteer as your renew your membership for the year.
We are currently looking for the following positions:


Board Members are needed to keep our community going. We meet once per month, and Directors oversee their portfolio. Time commitment is approximately 10-15 hours per month. We are now looking for volunteers to join the Board in the following positions:


The President leads and provides direction to the Board of Directors and the Community Association, sets and accomplishes goals while ensuring that the Mission, Vision and Values of the Community Association are upheld.

Time commitment: 10-20 hrs/month

Vice President

Vice President provides leadership in the absence of the President, and to assist and work closely with the President to provide direction to the Board of Directors.

Time commitment: 10 hrs/month

Communications Chair

Responsible for connecting residents to RRROCA by conveying the work, events and initiatives of the organization. The chair will oversee the portfolio including newsletter, website, social media outlets, signage and advertising. Education and/or experience in public relations or communications, and strong leadership skill would be an asset.

Time commitment: 10 hrs/month

Volunteers Chair

Volunteers Chair oversees the volunteer needs by recruiting and managing volunteers, liaising with members of the Board to understand their volunteer needs and works towards fulfilling those needs, as well as ensuring the welfare of volunteers.

Time commitment: varies/month


Parks Chair

The Parks Chair will be responsible for parks and recreation in the community. He/she will liaise between the community and the board on issues related to parks within the community. He/she will volunteer closely with the Parks Lead to oversee the sports facility at RRROCA park, train and coordinate ice rink volunteers in the winter. 

Time commitment: varies/month

Sponsorship Co-Chair

The Sponsorship Co-Chair will approach and maintain relations with sponsors for RRROCA events and programs.

Time commitment: 10 hrs/month

Programs Co-Chair

The Programs Co-chair will provide the opportunity for the communities’ diverse residents to participate in sports program and activities.

Time commitment: varies/month


Community Clean Up will be September 23, 2018 (Sunday), 9 am – 2 pm at London Drugs Parking Lot. If you can volunteer for a couple of hours, please email volunteerlead@rrroca.org to sign up.


Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor will ensure that the community newsletter, the RRROCA Reporter, is free of errors, and contains submitted content that is relevant to the community.

Time commitment: 8–12 hrs / month

General Volunteers

There are no positions available at this time.

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