President’s Message

My name is Tessa Sakamoto and as of May 2015 I am President for the Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association (RRROCA). It’s good to “meet” you! My husband, daughter and I have lived in Rocky Ridge for about 6 years. I started volunteering with RRROCA in January of 2014 when I answered a call on Facebook for someone to pick up the Director of Sports position.

My team and I ran 2 successful (and fun!) seasons and I am sad to be leaving the position, but excited to take on a new challenge! It has been really great to see everyone venture outdoors with the arrival of warmer weather. I love to head out and explore our pathways, stop by the playgrounds, and watch the little ones play sports on the fields. There’s just something about our communities in the summer time!

Did you know that RRROCA has over 600 community members who volunteer with us each year? We really do everything from A to Z (AGM to Zumba, and everything in between). We can always use more help. Do you have an hour or two to spare? Or maybe 5 hours per month? We would love to have you! Email to get more information about our current opportunities and what would be a good fit for you. I’m always happy to chat, take suggestions or feedback, or field any new ideas.

If you need to get in touch with me, please feel free to reach out by email at I hope to see you out and about in the community soon!

Tessa Sakamoto
RRROCA President